Stickers tool allows adding various stickers (for example emoticons) to the canvas. Image of any type can be used to add a custom sticker.

var pixie = new Pixie({
	onLoad: function() {
		pixie.getTool('shapes').addSticker('emoticons', 'happy');

Adding custom stickers

You can add custom stickers and categories, by passing them via tools.stickers.items option.

If replaceDefault is set to true, all default sticker categories are removed. If it is set to false, your additional sticker categories are appended.

var pixie = new Pixie({
	tools: {
		stickers: {
			replaceDefault: false,
			items: [
					name: 'emoticons',
					list: ['happy', 'sad', 'angry'],
					type: 'svg',
					thumbnailUrl: 'images/stickers/emoticons/happy.svg'
Sticker images should be stored in assets/images/stickers/{category-name} directory, or at the url specified via urls.assets option.

Available sticker category options

Name Type Description
name string Name of stickers category.
list array Name of stickers that belong to this category.
items number Alternative to list, if stickers don't have names. Stickers need to be named sequentially when using this option: 0.svg, 1.svg, 2.svg etc.
type string Type of stickers in category. svg, png or another extension.
thumbnailUrl string Optional. If not specified, first sticker will be used as thumbnail.

Stickers tool methods


  • addSticker(category: string, name: number | string): Promise<any>
  • Add specified sticker to canvas.


    Returns Promise<any>


  • Parameters

    Returns string


  • getStickerUrl(category: StickerCategory, stickerName: number | string): string
  • Parameters

    Returns string